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Orienteering Unlimited offers books about teaching Orienteering and books about competing and training. We also offer compasses and other miscellaneous items.

Books for Teaching Orienteering

Orienteering: A Way of Learning Outdoor Navigation by Peter Wilson.

An excellent background book describing the overall concepts of the sport along with many teaching ideas. A must read book before using the teaching books listed below. $25.00.

Orienteering Instructor's Manual by Gilchrist and Lee.

Excellent book with a series of detailed, sequential lesson plans to initiate an Orienteering program. $25.00

Teaching Orienteering, 2nd edition by McNeill, Cory-Wright and Renfrew.

An excellent resource with many activities for all ages. many full-color maps and illustrations. Best suited for instructors looking to enhance ideas and concepts presented in the books mentioned above. or those with a well-established program. $28.00.

General Books about Orienteering

Orienteering: Skills of the Game, Carol McNeill. $20.50

Orienteering: The Sport of Navigating with Map and Compass, Steven Boga.
Good general book about the sport of orienteering. $17.95.

Orienteering, Tom Renfrew. $14.95
(pictured at right)

Gang-O-Kids, Hazel Edwards.
An Orienteering Story Book for Children. $9.00.


Suunto A-10 Suunto A-20 Suunto M-D3
Suunto Classroom Compass kit: This class instructional kit features 30 A-10 compasses, and a large instructional mock compass, suitable for overhead projector use. And it all stores neatly and securely in an attractive and durable plastic case, with a shockproof foam plastic bed.

We are a dealer for Suunto compasses.
(In orders of 6 or more only please)

Orienteering Punches

Place one of these 10 punches at each orienteering station to mark scorecards for evidence that each station was accurately located. Each of the plastic punches features a different design for distinction.

Suunto® make: Styles A and B available.
$39.00 per box of 10.

European make: Sets A, B and C available.
$47.00 per box of 10 with strings.

Orienteering Control Flags

Orienteering Control flagNylon Orienteering Control Flags - used as markers at control sites. Larger flags are best used in wooded environments. Smaller flags are ideal for open areas like school grounds.

Larger flags 12" (30 cm.) per panel. $7.50 each.

Smaller flags - 6" (15 cm.) per panel. $6.95 each.

Trail Markers

We can make custom trail markers for your trail system. Almost any color, shape or size is available. Text can be customized for your needs.

"Posted" Signs

Orienteering Unlimited can produ

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